Friday, September 15, 2017

"Let 'em go..."

If you don't follow Men's volleyball very closely, you haven't heard of Pete Hanson.

And while you are missing out on one of our profession's best resources, he's probably just fine with that.

Humility defined, Hanson is heading into his 34th season as coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes. He is coming off two National Championships, both sweeps over talented BYU teams. 

As his trophy case continues to overflow, he side steps questions about himself and deflects credit and praise to his athletes. Hanson is beloved by his guys and in the Coaching world for his candor and his ability to change his sails depending upon the wind of his current team. At the moment, as his opponent's will tell you, it is a hurricane.

Hanson, has taken the guesswork out of serving. "Let 'em go!" is his mantra and his team has responded. OSU's opponents find themselves out of system much of their matches a direct result of the Buckeye's onslaught from the service line, a factor Hanson correlates with his team's recent Championship success.

To read more about Hanson, click here. But please enjoy this 30 minute chat with one of the country's premiere Coaches in any sport.