Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We get it!
You don't have time for a lengthy written discussion on the virtues of the 5-1 over the 6-2 offensive system.
You are a skimmer; busy at work, busy at life. You can't devote an hour reading articles on motor skills and guided discovery.
You have been heard and so we want to bring Mohammad back to the mountain.
The former Arizona Sidelines coaching newsletter, all 12 pages and lengthy articles is done. R.I.P.

We are introducing a new blog...yes, another blog. This one, we promise, we'll keep short.

  • One thought or idea.
  • One question answered.
  • One tip or idea to use coaching.
  • One thing to share with the volleyball coaches of Arizona.

Two things precipitated this blog:
First, in early October the Region hosted a clinic with the preeminent  youth volleyball coaching expert from USA Volleyball, John Kessel, two time Olympic silver medal winning libero from the USA National team, Nicole Davis and ASU head coach Jason Watson.
It was tied into a coaching exchange with Australia who sent 9 coaches to the clinic.
There were exactly 11 other coaches who showed up.

Second, a program called the International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Program (ICECP) which gathered 33 coaches from literally all over the globe got together in Colorado Springs the last two weeks to hear an array of speakers on several different topics. (You'll be hearing more about this in upcoming blogs)
The participants took this knowledge to help them put together programs and projects to further their country's in their chosen sport.  One of the side discussions that came from this was, "Why can't or won't coaches change?"  One of the thoughts was we need a better way to reach them.

The Arizona Sidelines coaching blog was born.

If you have a question, if we can help in any way, don't hesitate to call on us. Your question is probably asked by many other coaches and the Region's resources will be able to get you an answer. You can reach us at outreach@azregionvolleyball.org

For now, we hope you sign up to receive this blog, stay on top of your coaching education and we look forward to seeing you on the court.

Till the fifth set.......